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Image of Beauty Skin and bone
Image of Beauty: Skin and bones?
      The image of beauty has changed century to century. For example, during 17th century a plump figure was thought to be more beautiful than anything else. Now, the only thing that's recognized as beautiful is skinny women that look like a breeze from the wind machines on the catwalks could blow them over. These women are too skinny and women today are being bombarded with pictures of these impossible ideas of body image.
      According to Anorexia Nervosa and Related Eating Disorders Inc, the average lady is about 5'4'', she weighs 145lbs, and her hips are 40-42'' around. Compare that to a popular figure in the "girl world", Barbie, who would be 6'0'', 101 lbs, and have hips that are 33'' if in human proportions. A store mannequin, the thing everyone looks at to see how clothes look on someone, are usually 6'0'' tall, dress size 6 with hips that are 34'' around.
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Painted Memory: Part 2
The vampire breathed in the dark air of the night. He certainly loved a good evening. Strolling down the street, he shoved his hands in his pockets. It wouldn't take long at all to walk to the club, so he supposed he'd just do that.
Walking. Such a common thing to do, yet so appealing to someone who could never die. Take things one at a time, you would always have plenty of time to get there. Well, as long as the night was long enough. The mass of people that moved around him once he hit the streets of the small city was intoxicating. For a vampire that didn't follow the norm, it more amused him than drove him crazy. The smell of so much blood, coming from so many different places at once made him smile. Silly humans, thinking that they were all that was there in the world.
The door to the club was opened for him, and he stepped in. "Good evening, young master," a doorman said, bowing his head slightly to Z. Yeah, he was rather well known here. The music pounded away at the air, causin
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Painted Memory: Part 1 -Edited
Z looked over his shoulder at the intruder into his room. He was half-way through getting dressed for the evening, his shirt still off. Immediately, his hand went to cover something on his right bicep. His skin was pale as a sheet, his hair as blond  as naturally possible, and his eyes were a sharper blue than ice.
Around his room there hung pictures of all sorts. Paintings, sketches, drawings. Mostly of female vampyres in little to no clothing draping themselves over thrones, graves or alters. His bed was so basic, it was almost impossible. Just a simple single bed, a simple metal frame that kept it a foot off the ground. Sheets and pillows were nicely ordered on the bed, freshly made, and so unlike a typical teenager. The curtains on the window were pulled back, basking the room in the dark light of the moon. An easel was set up facing the window, the beginnings of a girl in a large ballgown, dancing in the middle of a stage.
"What are you doing here?" his voice dripping wi
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Morana's BACK
A wind swept across the clear streets of the silent town. A full moon showed bright over the remains of the days activities. No one was out, it was too late to be out... and it was a night for werewolves. So of course, doors were locked, windows were shut, and everyone was tucked safely away in bed, few were still awake and if they were, they were toiling away in the depths of their houses, oblivious to the lack of sunlight.
The clip clop of hooves broke the silence of the night. A horse, carrying a half-asleep rider, strode into this quiet little place. The rider only half registered the change of scenery, and until the horse stopped, did not move to take a good look around. Tired eyes scanned the darkened houses, looking for a sign of an inn... of course there was none open anyway. Ah well, this rider was used to it...
This rider was a woman. Not just any woman, a wanderer, one who never rested in one place for long. Her horse was her only friend, her only family in this country. The
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I love You by Freezie I love You :iconfreezie:Freezie 0 12
Ever changing
Ever twisting
Ever molding
Oceans crash
Thunder rolls
Lightning strikes
Wind blows
Beings appear
Beings die
Fires burn
Wars rage
Festivals celebrated
Balls attended
Raves crashed
Bells ring
Families fight
Royalty murdered
Debts settled
Territory protected
Ever changing
Ever twisting
Ever molding

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a pathetic excuse for writing.
   Her eye twitched slightly, a grin spread across her face. Their yells, their screams, were music to her ears.
   "Was she not thinking?" "Who is this demon?!" "Why!? WHY!?"
   Finally the Lion had been captured. Finally they had her chained down, and they were able to bring some sort of justified end to her rampage.
   "Did any of those souls mean anything to you?" "Did they plead with you?" "Did they beg for mercy? Or were you too deaf to hear it?"
   They got into her face. Chiseled faces of strong guards, the ends of spears and sword tips right up in her face to make a point.
   "What does it matter?" Was her calm response, "They are dead now... I am soon to follow... Justice will be served. What's past is past."
   Oh that got them fired up alright. A hilt of a sword went clear across her face, knocking her to the dirty ground of the dungeon.
   "You're a monst
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Guy with Bird by Skia Guy with Bird :iconskia:Skia 686 56 Grau by Skia Grau :iconskia:Skia 486 11 Gentleman Steampunk Pirate by Firefly-Path Gentleman Steampunk Pirate :iconfirefly-path:Firefly-Path 2,678 104 Ember dragon by IsisMasshiro Ember dragon :iconisismasshiro:IsisMasshiro 4,445 324 When on the job and when not by humon When on the job and when not :iconhumon:humon 6,090 322
Overcome your Writer's Block
Overcome your Writer's Block:
If you want to deal with writer's block
the plan is simple, tickty-tock
Give in to madness, go insane
search for words in the midst of rain
When you hit the wall on its painted face
with your fingers and knees you'll find a trace
The secret passage that will lead you through
or perhaps you might be eaten by a grue...
Oh well...
Back to the rhymes that I use to explain
If you try to go forward it will be in vain
So try a new direction, upward or down
Left or right maybe Charlie Brown?
There are no limits except in your mind
Now do a google search and what do you find?
A pond of ideas now stagnant and brown
I threw in Jay Sean and he went down down down
But I digress and let me wind back
If you focus on the dot then the screen will turn black
and a screamer pops out, you've had a really good fright
are my metaphors putting up a really good fight?
Let me put it simply, in english plain:
A good writer isn't one who forces his brain
Order and stru
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Vernides species ref sheet ENG by LiLaiRa Vernides species ref sheet ENG :iconlilaira:LiLaiRa 1,551 281 Thwarting the Lock ness Monster. by StressedJenny Thwarting the Lock ness Monster. :iconstressedjenny:StressedJenny 6,015 495 Amazon and Shield Maiden by humon Amazon and Shield Maiden :iconhumon:humon 6,354 911 Cat Tutorial by Lithestep Cat Tutorial :iconlithestep:Lithestep 3,907 214 Fashion Infographic by JakeGcreate Fashion Infographic :iconjakegcreate:JakeGcreate 80 9 The Ruff Bird by humon The Ruff Bird :iconhumon:humon 12,868 2,022 Sneaky Cuttlefish by humon Sneaky Cuttlefish :iconhumon:humon 12,881 1,465
Who says I dont care?
I don't care who you are
I don't care what you were
But if you are with me,
I will care about you

I don't care where you live
I don't care what you live in
But if you have no reason to live,
I will help you find your reason

I don't care what relationship you had
I don't care who they were with
But if they hurt you,
I will be there for you

I know I don't care about many things
I know I'm blunt and insensitive at times
Just know that
I am your friend and you are mine
I may not care at times, but right now I do
I'm not insensitive because I still care for you
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she liked her men
spare and sparse
lean of words
without flowers in their hands
their shirt sleeves rolled up
to show the world
how hard they lived,
their legs tucked  into boots
as thick and dark as calluses
she liked them sprawled
elbows on the table
at dinner
their forks demanding her attention
spearing the meat
like clean kill
chewing with the gusto
of young rams
their teeth reminding her
of how devouring was
a holy act
and she would dream
of those hands
curious beasts of prey
skin freckled with the grit of stars
and gravel from wrong turns
making paths across her blouse
pulling her skirt up
to meet their questions
and of how her throat
would buckle
like it had no will
at the whisper of her name.
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my lover is a god in exile by hibbary
Mature content
my lover is a god in exile :iconhibbary:hibbary 3,271 440
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United States
Favourite genre of music: Hardcore, metal, Celtic, Country, instrumental
Personal Quote: Do not meddel in the affairs of Dragons, for you are cruncy and come with catsup.
I'm just freshly moved into college... I'm so happy. I feel like I can fit in here (: My first suite mate, Alyssa, is awesome. =D And Sheena, my first roommate, is also very nice, and she likes yoshi. xD

i'm hoping that this year is good. Wish me luck!


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